Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants

Slegne - Insurance Specialist

Slegne – Insurance Specialist

All the employees of Mid-Manhattan Oral Surgery work as a team, to effectively address your individual needs and to facilitate communication with your referring dentist. We’re confident that you’ll find our staff friendly, caring, and well-trained. Whether it’s a friendly hand to hold, a warm blanket during your procedure, an oral sedative, or even your favorite music (IPOD); at Mid-Manhattan Oral Surgery our warm and professional staff always takes the extra step, to provide a genuinely caring environment for our patients.

Our office offers state-of-the-art equipment, and, of course, meets and exceeds the highest standards for hygiene and infection control. Enjoy the ambience of our new office, where you will find pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

We employ eco-friendly office practices including paperless charts, digital x-rays, online information transfer and recycled paper. These “green” processes greatly reduce our paper consumption and decrease radiation associated by-products. We strive to be environmentally conscious as we maintain our high standards of surgical excellence.