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All On Four Implants


The All-on-4 procedure provides a patient with a full set of non-removable teeth in a single visit. Typically all-on-four replaces all the upper or lower teeth or both in a non-removable dental prosthesis that outperforms dentures in fit, comfort, and durability.  The All-on-four procedure is unique in that it only requires four implants to support the entire fixed bridge.

All On 4

All On 4

All-on-4 procedures enable our NYC Oral Surgeon to work with your existing bone, which reduces the need for bone grafts and  avoid a sinus lift procedure.

The All-on-4 procedure uses an I-CAT 3D scan to generate a 3-dimensional model of your jaw. The model is loaded into virtual reality software to plan the surgery without the patient present. Because your implant treatment is based on a true 3-dimensional model of your jaw, this provides increased accuracy, safety and predictability. A typical patients recovery is shorter than with traditional implant surgeries. Click here to learn more about our I-CAT 3D scanner.

All on 4 Video

Note: The term All-on-4 is trademarked by Nobel Biocare. To learn more about the All-on-4 procedure you can view Nobel Biocare’s all on 4 implants brochure.

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