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I-CAT 3D Scanner

I-CAT 3-Dimensional Scanner

I-CAT 3D Scan

I-CAT 3D Scan

A traditional x-ray is two dimensional and does not provide your oral surgeon with a complete picture of all surfaces and depths. Dr. Calat’s Mid Manhattan Oral Surgery is one of few locations in New York that can offer an I-CAT 3-D scan outside of a hospital. The I-CAT produces a panoramic image of key regions for your oral surgeon to evaluate.

Dr. Calat uses the I-CAT 3-D Scanner to plan and execute treatment plans for oral surgery procedures such as:

The I-CAT 3-D Scanner offers benefits for both the patient and the oral surgeon.

The benefits for the patient include:

I-CAT Scan with Nobel Guide

I-CAT Scan with Nobel Guide

  • Low Dose Radiation Compared to X-Rays
  • Lower Cost Than CAT Scan
  • More Predictable Outcomes

The benefits Of Using A 3D Scan:

  • Better Ability to Plan and Execute Treatment Plans
  • High Definition 3-Dimensional Images
  • Provides Greater Detail of Tooth and Bone
  • Used to Develop Models with Nobel Guide that Illustrate Before / After Oral Surgery Procedures

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